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Health Care Roundtable

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The Heartland Institute and Consumers for Health Care Choices are sponsoring Health Care Roundtables across the country. Earlier this week, Acton development associate Charles Roelofs attended a roundtable and offers this report:

The event was co-sponsored by the Mackinac Center for Public Policy and Americans for Prosperity – Michigan. According to event organizers, over 100 people registered for the event. Participants included, local and national health care experts, medical and insurance representatives, current and former elected officials, and concerned citizens.

Common themes in many of the presentations included the need for reform of the current third-party payer system, the potential for consumer driven health care to reduce costs, and how much of recently proposed legislation to reform our health care system is ineffective. However, the discussions were varied and ranged from practical advice for saving money on prescription drugs to tips on communicating with elected officials regarding health care.

These policy discussions often lend themselves to moral questions regarding reform. Which types of reform most respect the dignity of the human person? Which types provide the most effective, highest quality health care for those least able to afford it? The Acton Institute has many resources available to answer such questions. The Health Care Resource web page has lectures, commentary, articles, and other media on the subject. Recently, Acton also published a new monograph by Dr. Donald P. Condit, A Prescription for Health Care Reform, which is available through our bookshoppe.

John Couretas John Couretas is Director of Communications, responsible for print and online communications at the Acton Institute. He has more than 20 years of experience in news and publishing fields. He has worked as a staff writer on newspapers and magazines, covering business and government. John holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Humanities from Michigan State University and a Master of Science Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University.


  • Raymond of Monmouth

    There is something very wrong with Obama’s health care scheme. I wonder what his intentions really are. Who is responsible for supplying whom with health care? Recently Obama is telling Christians exactly what they want to hear regarding protections. I hope that no one is fooled by Obama’s rhetoric. The first protections are for the unborn and Obama has proven by his actions that he does not care for the unborn but has made it easier to have them killed. Be very wary of health care that provides abortions at taxpayers expense.

  • Patrick

    Either I am a victim of a sick world view, or America is in for serious trouble. The proposed health care plan is the start of what will become a wholesale eugenics onslaught that will expand beyond abortion to the infirm and unproductive in every phase of life. The deformed, handicapped, elderly and demented will be lovingly euthanized to meet the budget projections of a government that places quality of life over life itself.

    Don’t forget that Mary Ann Shiavo was lovingly starved to death, with the blessing of the government.

    Hilary Clinton recently glowingly lauded Margaret Sanger. No one in our current administration or the press or clergy called her to explain her position.

    Be afraid America, be very afraid