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Report Fishy Mobs to the Government

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[UPDATED BELOW] The DNC has released a political commercial and an email warning Americans about dangerous mobs gathering to do dangerous things (protest socialist health care reform). Meanwhile, the White House has issued a call for loyal citizens to report fishy behavior to a special White House website. Well, I want to do my part to inform on my fellow Americans. The three images below show just how deep the problem runs. It’s fishy mobs all the way down. [UPDATE: ANOTHER OLD FISHY MOB HERE]




Jonathan Witt


  • Sending FISHY emails may be the only way to get the government to listen to the people

  • Hilary

    At risk of life and limb, I reported very FISHY characters who were ALL promulgating FISHY healthcare information:

    Comrade Obama
    Nancy Stretch Pelosi
    Barneys Frank
    Jan Schakowsky


  • Yes, but all those people were FOR something and the dangerous mobs are AGAINST something, so it is like so totally different. What’s wrong with you, you want to get called stupid? And where’s your button so I can automatically report you? I think you might be saying something fishy.

  • Gary McAdams

    Actually Publia, Our Founding Fathers were against the very same thing. An over-reaching, obtrusive government!!! Read some history for a change, since you seem to like change!!