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…to go with this one, folks!

In Malibu, talk of septic tanks, leach pits and the ubiquitous foul stench known as the "Malibu smell" is hardly new. After rainstorms, officials often must post signs on Malibu beaches urging swimmers and surfers to steer clear because of health dangers.

Celebrity residents Pierce Brosnan and Ted Danson are among many who have championed the cause of better water quality…

In May, Malibu suffered a black eye in the annual statewide beach survey released by Santa Monica-based Heal the Bay. Escondido Beach "was the most polluted beach in the history of our report card," said Mark Gold, Heal the Bay’s executive director.

If there’s a more practical example of a mote in ecology today, I’m not sure what it would be. (hat tip)

Don Bosch