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Government-Managed Capitalism: A Love Story

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Memo to documentary filmmaker Michael Moore: Free markets didn’t cause the financial crisis. The biggest culprits were government planners meddling with the market. That’s the message of Acton’s newest video short.

So why on earth is Michael Moore (Capitalism: A Love Story, Sicko) so eager to route even more power and money through Washington? Centralized planning is economic poison. Doubling down isn’t the cure.

(Also, Acton’s resource page on the economic crisis is here.)

Jonathan Witt


  • Will

    This is so true! Can you believe Government is using this as an excuse to have more control!

  • Michael Moore does not propose a solution and in fact states he has not even read Marx. He may not be a communist, but we are! And if this movie moved you to want to know more, to get into a critical debate about the future of humanity, human nature, and the fact that there is actually a real, viable and desirable alternative – COMMUNISM – then you need to tune into an amazing evening with Maoist political economist and communist Raymond Lotta. “Behind the World Economic Crisis: System Failure and the Need for Revolution” will be a live webcast on September 29, Tuesday, 7:30pm EDT. For details go to See Raymond Lotta’s new YouTube, “The Rape of the Congo and Your Cellphone” to get a glimpse of this amazing speaker and analysis.

  • john lowell

    He he he go Michael More!Wall street is nothing but greed!You deserve to disappear.

  • Paul Rattenbury

    Hah! Nice try. What has been going down for the decades since business bought democracy is some funguli mix of PRIVATE PROFIT AND PUBLIC LIABILITY.
    Is not ‘Right Lively-hood’ enough? Do you guys really believe you get it ALLL?