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‘Truth is the Great Issue’

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We’ve just posted the audio from Chuck Colson’s remarks at the Acton annual dinner in Grand Rapids on October 26. This link will take you there.

“We are the people of the truth,” Colson told the more than 500 people assembled at the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. “We believe there is ultimate reality and we believe it is knowable. And that puts us up against our culture.”

One of the nation’s most prominent evangelical Christians, Colson is founder of Prison Fellowship, the Virginia-based organization he established in 1976 to assist prisoners, ex-prisoners, victims, and affected families. Prison Fellowship is today the world’s largest outreach to prisoners.

At the Acton dinner, Colson discussed the “great clash of civilizations” that the West is currently experiencing both with radical Islam and the growing forces of secularization. Christianity, Colson says, is the religion which has spawned the greatest civilization in human history but it is embattled on two fronts. This clash, he says, is a life and death struggle — a war between the worlds.

Colson recently stepped down as chairman of the board of Prison Fellowship USA and announced the board’s selection of Michael Timmis as chairman. Colson remains a member of the board and will continue to pursue his extensive writing, speaking, and teaching work with Prison Fellowship.

“Truth is the great issue,” Colson said at the Acton dinner. “Always has been.”

Read the Grand Rapids Press coverage of the annual dinner.

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