Blog author: jballor
Monday, November 9, 2009

From the opening page of Lester DeKoster’s Communism and Christian Faith (1962):

For the mysterious dynamic of history resides in man’s choice of gods. In the service of his god — or gods (they may be legion) — a man expends his energies, commits his sacrifices, devotes his life. And history is made. Understand Communism, then, as a religion; or miss the secret of its power! Grasp the nature of this new faith, and discern in contrast to it the God who alone can oppose its onward march; or misapprehend the character of the contest in which mankind is engaged, and misconceive our own historic task.

  • Paul Primavera

    I concur completely. In fact, I would add that communism is but one religious sect among many of that parent religion which is atheism. The sect of this religion currently in power in these United States is atheist humanism. It is different from communism only in degree.

  • Roger McKinney

    When people refer to communism as a religion, they are using the term metaphorically. If taken literally, that would mean that atheists are very religious people.