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The Art of Freedom

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From time to time, I come across something that forces me to stop, step back, and marvel at the wonder of human creativity. The movie below is one of those things.

Airplanes are so commonplace that we often take them for granted. Here at Acton, many of my colleagues are regularly catching flights to all sorts of points on the globe, and it isn’t unusual for me to hear some grumbling about the airlines and the annoyances that come along with modern air travel. But you won’t hear that from me – I have never lost the fascination with airplanes that I had as a young child, and I treasure the opportunity to fly.

Imagine – I could get onto an airplane today, climb to an altitude over five miles above the surface of the earth at speeds approaching 800 feet per second, all while balanced on a point where the opposing forces of thrust, drag, lift and gravity are in perfect harmony, and all in relative comfort. And in doing so, I would join into an intricate international choreography of aircraft that end up creating the delicate and beautiful patterns that you see above.

Take a moment today to appreciate the gift of liberty that can unleash human creativity. And then take some time to stand in awe of the Creator who our human creativity only dimly reflects.

Marc Vander Maas


  • Marc Vander Maas

    OK, I admit it – I love to fly, but it would take some real convincing to get me to strap myself into the back of a Super Hornet. I’m a huge fan of Boeing aircraft, and I know that the hornet is [url=]a Boeing product[/url], but I’m much more interested in [url=]this end of their product line[/url]…

  • There’s beauty in the chaos. At one point you can see the U.S. bubbling. It’s bubbling from action, commerce, and movement. Imagine someone–a well-meaning technocrat to a authoritarian overload–trying to organize that. It’s impossible. We are truly blessed.