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Climate Babel

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With all of the blizzards, cold temperatures and the circus-like atmosphere in Copenhagen last week, it looks like people are becoming more and more skeptical of global warming—or I should say climate change.

But in times like these we have to remember that blizzards, or even historical low temperatures, are irrelevant–because it is not LOCAL warming, it is GLOBAL warming.

The only time LOCAL temperatures have any significance is when they are hotter than normal–then it becomes empirical evidence. I know it is hard to figure this out. I don’t really understand it either, but that is why we have all those people in Copenhagen to help us.

For an enjoyable reflection on the Copenhagen Meeting and the concurrent blizzards take a look at Copen-Babel written by former Acton colleague Jay Richards.

Enjoy the Snow.

Michael Matheson Miller


  • Mike, I have no idea about the math and modeling technology for the climate. But I am beginning to notice that humor seems to take a lot of hot air out those people and places where power tends to corrupt.

    Humor, like parable, often gives me insight that informs meaning and relationship. Those who are the targets of humor don’t think it funny. But for the rest of us, the illumination of a new light gives a pleasure of an “Ah-Ha” experience that results in laughter.

    Other posts on this site that can easily become the stuff of great humor are Tiger Woods, and the shop lifting priest. More than death itself, most people fear becoming a “laughing stock”. The fear of public speaking is greater than death in a fire.

    I wonder if the Political Correctness movement hasn’t stultified the advance of culture, simply because we cannot laugh at the pretentiousness one finds in abundance.