An excellent reflection on the role of Christianity and its relation to political loyalties from Joe Carter at the evangelical outpost. The key conclusion: “As a fellow traveler of the GOP, I find myself walking side by side with the party toward the same goals. But at other times our paths will diverge and I must follow where my conscience as a Christian conservative leads me. After all, to stand with Christ means that I can’t always stand with the Republican Party.”

Some of my thoughts on “partisan Christianity” are available here.

  • In recent years, Christian conservatives have firmly aligned themselves in large numbers with the Republican Party. As a former registered Democrat, I know I have. But is that necessarily a good thing? . . .

  • Rodney Douglas

    Christian becomes Republican;

    Water runs down hill,it’s natural.
    When the Republican party stops reflecting
    christian values,it to will began to lose
    elections. It’s a good thing.(to be a rep.)
    The Republican party will never become your
    local church,but where would it be today
    without the local chuch.