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Acton Media Alert: Sirico on the BBC

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actononairOn Monday, Acton Founder and President Rev. Robert A. Sirico took to the airwaves of the BBC and squared off against Oliver Kamm of the London Times in a spirited debate over the merits of Michael Moore’s latest “documentary,” Capitalism: A Love Story. Audio from the BBC3 show Nightwaves is available via the audio player below.

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Marc Vander Maas


  • Michael

    wow – Oliver Kamm was completely off base, throwing buzz words and attacking the Catholic Church… Way to counter that head on…

  • Suresh Bhaskaran

    Dear Fr. Sirico,

    I am very grateful (as a Catholic) that we have a priest out there representing us amidst the “gratuitous” remarks that so often go unchallenged.

    I love the civil yet unyielding way in which you confronted his entirely uncalled-for gratuitous remarks about the Catholic Church.

    Thank you, Father.

    And thanks for intellectually standing up to the economic system championed by the scholastic tradition.

    My prayers to St. Joseph, and to Ven. (soon-to-be St. hopefully?) Pierre Toussaint are with you.


    Suresh Bhaskaran