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Black Virtue: Success Beyond the Super Bowl

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This year’s Super Bowl was widely hailed as an advance for black Americans because, for the first time, two black coaches faced off in the game. But, as Anthony Bradley observes, coaches Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith pointed to an even greater achievement: They did it “the Lord’s way.”

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Jonathan Spalink


  • Matt Goldseth

    Glad to see Im not the only one who thought the pre-SuperBowl hype was patronizing.


  • Cliff Washington

    Anthony–as my 78 year old dad, the Rev. Dr. Lavern Washington would say: "God is good all the time". Thank you for such a well written article full of truth and hope.

  • phillip pipes

    Sir, I must take issue with some of your conclusions. What evidence do you have to support your theory that Mssrs. Shell and Green were hired because of economic considerations? You provided none. Rather the case can be made that economic considerations have played a major role in coach selection for decades, but in a negative way. Not wanting to offend the sensibilities of the white majority and thus the bottom line, black coaches were not selected. We could run and block and tackle but coach? No way. Was there any substantial movement by the NFL toward equal opportunity before some sort of governmental pressure? Again no evidence to support your position. Let’s call the Rule what it really is, a transparent shield to hide behind. Finally in my opinion the bellweather issue is General Mgr. How many non-whites live there? The real power and therefore real equality, lies there.

  • Cliff Washington

    Mr. Pipes in his comment highlited one of the main issues and problems with promotions based on race and equal opportunity etc…running, blocking, coaching and now he ask:"How many non-whites resides as GM"? If we are going to reach that far why not cut to the chase and encouage ownership–then, the owners can hire who they please of any race and gender, right?

  • Phillip Pipes

    Sir, I do encourage ownership. However not to hire whomever I please. That has been the paradigm in this country since her creation. Hiring and promotions based upon race and class. Affirmative action existed long before it became negatively associately with the descendents of slaves. My motives are more alturistic in nature. Enlightened owners WILL seek the best qualified, not just those who "look like me." Enlightened owners WILL put the public good above the profit margin. Enlightened owners wont need the "Rooney Rule." "To whom much is given, much is expected."