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The Call of the Entrepreneur

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As many of you may know, Acton has been working on a documentary. The Call of the Entrepreneur will premier in Grand Rapids, Mich., on May 17 at Celebration Cinema North. Come one, come all, and see this wonderful documentary. The Call of the Entrepreneur tells the stories of three entrepreneurs: one a farmer in rural Evart, Michigan, another a mercantile banker in New York, and finally an entrepreneur in Hong Kong, China. The film examines the drive behind what these people do: Why are they driven to create wealth? Why do they produce? Who does it benefit?

This video clip is also available via YouTube and in a larger format here (Requires RealPlayer or Quicktime).

Jonathan Spalink


  • Dan

    I have been looking forward to seeing this, but I live in Colorado! Will there be a DVD or electronic download available? I am very interested in this documentary.


  • There will eventually be a DVD. You may also be able to host a screening in Colorado! Details about the documentary will be released on this blog, so keep an eye out!