Blog author: jcouretas
Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This week, Acton’s research director Samuel Gregg appeared on EWTN’s The Abundant Life for an interview titled, “Socialism: Threat to Freedom.” In the course of an hour, he discusses the philosophical origins of socialism, its various manifestations, and the manner in which its modern expressions are slowly eroding our liberties in America and Western Europe. The interview, conducted by Johnnette Benkovic, may be found at The Abundant Life’s Web site.

  • James

    Is there an mp3 of this???

  • James: You would have to get that from the producer. I would suggest calling the number on Benkovic’s Web site.

  • James Loughran

    WOW. That’s Great TV- time well spent. The Boys and Girls at the FOX and PBS sandboxes could learn a thing or two from this production. Johnette and Samuel covered a lot of ground by always getting to the point. Sure would like a follow-up to this interview: “Faith & sight setting”, maybe?

  • Patrick Powers

    Enjoyed the show. Well worth watching.