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Colson: Creation and Man

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On The Christian Post, Chuck Colson talks about Earth Day and Christian world view in “Creation and Man.”

… Christians are rightly concerned that extremists have turned Earth Day into “Worship-Earth Day.”

Just listen to a few of these suggestions for Earth Day 2010 that some of the more radical groups are proposing: taking down “global eco-criminals” like Exxon-Mobil; having school kids meditate about the Spirit of Life (that’s “Spirit of Life” with capital letters); seeking international cooperation on reducing the human population; or working for, and I quote, the “ultimate, inevitable, and necessary dismantling of industrial civilization.”

Chuck Colson
Chuck Colson
We Christians certainly do not want to be yoked with new agers, neo-pagans, or folks who just downright hate humanity. But there’s no reason for us to surrender creation care to them, either.

Our faith, our Christians worldview, tells us that the earth is good precisely because God created it and declared it good. It is worthy of our care, and indeed, we were commanded to tend it. Wasteful and immoderate use of natural resources is not a Christian virtue.

Colson also highly recommends the Acton Institute book, “Environmental Stewardship in the Judeo-Christian Tradition.” Get it from the Acton Bookshoppe.

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  • Not sure where you all go to Earth Day events, but I’ve been to them every single year for 20 years, and I’ve never seen any of those ideas presented. Mainly they have info and displays about environmental problems, and more info and displays about solutions — nearly all of which save us money without lowering living standards or productivity.

    My husband and I have reduced our GHGs (and many other pollutants) by 60%+ over these 20 years through energy/resources efficiency/conservation & alt energy, saving us $thousands, while we even improved our living standard a bit. Many of the ideas came from Earth Day events.

    It’s really too bad that others have been scared away from Earth Day events by all these red herrings, & didn’t get a chance to learn about these wonderful solutions (and follow JPII’s admonition in 1990 “Peace with All Creation” that we are all responsible to solve environmental problems). They have been the great losers & harmers of environmental victims now and well into the future through their profligate, inefficient lifestyles and business practices. The proof is in the pudding; while we reduced by 60%, America on the whole has increased its GHG emissions by 15%, as well as contributed needlessly to many other environmental and non-environmental problems associated with activities that involve GHG emissions.

    And really too bad for their souls, which may end up in a much hotter place than a globally warmed world, and for eternity no less. Like the foolish virgins.