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School for Scandal: Hip Hop Goes to College

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Why would a hip hop group called “Crime Mob” be invited to the campus of a Historically Black College? And why would the group’s “Rock Yo Hips” music video — featuring college cheerleaders as strippers — get so much play on television? Anthony Bradley looks at the effect of misogynistic and violent music on a black culture that desperately needs healthy models of academic achievement and honest economic progress.

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Jonathan Spalink


  • New Focus

    My sentiments exactly! In addition to the alarming 52%% high-school drop-out rate and the glaring absence of young Black men from all colleges (more like 75%% female enrollment on average at HBCU’s), statistics indicate that approximately 78%% of Black children are born out of wedlock today, thereby being the product and evidence of their parents’ recreation.

    No, Blacks do not need another "Civil Rights" movement in America. Black America needs to be morally rehabilitated. And unfortunately, we can no longer count on the Black church to be the catalyst for progress even in that area.

  • wilson

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  • Joshua D. Lewis

    Are you my lost twin…My sentiments exactly. When can we get lunch and could you please keep me updated with your writings. These behaviors exhibited by young blacks are only cementing the racial distinctions that are increasing racial disaprity and corrupting our ever fading upward mobility. Dr. King did not march so we could set ourselves up for failure. Self responsibilty and strong moral character in the black community, not ousting Don Imus, will create generations to come of prosperity.

    What is being black? I would love to see an essay on that topic.