ropke_coverOver at Econlog, one of the best economics blogs around, Arnold Kling has been reading Acton Research Director Samuel Gregg’s latest and recently released book, Wilhelm Röpke’s Political Economy (Edward Elgar, 2010). Kling underlines how Röpke used ethical analysis to distinguish between the three ways of allocating resources: altruism, coercion, and what Röpke called “the business principle.”

For Kling’s take on this subject, see Econlog.

The book is available on the Elgar site and Amazon.

  • Glad to hear! — For those supporting growing families and on particularly tight budgets, any chance on releasing the book in a format that doesn’t cost $100+?

    (I’ve often wondered why, if the purpose of writing is to convey the message of the author, some academic texts are so cost-prohibitive that they’ll likely receive precious little distribution). Let the market decide! ;-)