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Acton Lecture Series: Does Social Justice Require Socialism?

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Rev. Robert A. Sirico at Acton Lecture Series
Rev. Robert A. Sirico at Acton Lecture Series

We’ve had a lot of requests recently for the audio of Rev. Sirico’s lecture on social justice. We’re posting a recording of his April 15 Acton Lecture Series presentation, “Does Social Justice Require Socialism?” In this talk, he addresses the increasing calls for government intervention in financial market regulation, health care, education reform, and economic stimulus in the name of “social justice.”

Watch for more ALS audio on the blog in the days ahead.

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  • Excellent talk. Very timely and

    Your readers might also be interested in the work of the Center for Morality in Public Life ( which aims to provide commentary on in issues in bioethics, politics and economics from the perspective of the natural law and authentic human flourishing. Very much in line with the Acton line of thought!

    You can visit our blog at:

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    *Very timely and an issue that is at the heart of our economic challenges today.