From Luther’s exposition of the fourth commandment in his Treatise on Good Works (1520), alluding to King Manasseh’s actions in II Kings 21:

What else is it but to sacrifice one’s own child to an idol and burn it when parents train their children more in the love of the world than in the love of God, and let their children go their own way and get burned up in worldly pleasure, love, enjoyment, lust, goods, and honor, but let God’s love and honor and the love of eternal blessings be extinguished in them? (LW 44:83)

  • value of Christian Education:

    As with all coming together of people: churches, schools, rotary, family gathering, etc. Christian Ed provides a feeling of BELONGING. The next phase is BELIEVING….. which happens under the right teaching, influencing…..then come BEHAVING. The peer pressure and encouragement helps proper behavior.

    Belonging – Believing – Behaving

    it happen whether in refugee camps and terrorists evolve, or gangs…..or in a positive way at the Christian School.

    Denny Johnson, Rockford, IL.