The NAACP held a mock funeral yesterday for the N-word. That’s nice. Many would argue that it’s a horrible word and should never be used under any circumstance.

“Today, we’re not just burying the N-word, we are taking it out of our spirit, we are taking it out of our minds,” Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick said to a crowd gathered at the city’s riverfront Hart Plaza. “To bury the N-word, we’ve got to bury the pimps and the hos and the hustlers. Let’s bury all the nonsense that comes with this.”

I wish that the “N-Word” was the biggest problem in black communities (or a big problem at all). There are far more important words and phrases that the NAACP should be holding mass funerals because maybe these other areas would make the use of “N-word” inapplicable.

Here are a few suggestions of words and phrases that the NCAAP needs to bury soon:

(1) “Bitch”
(2) “Ho” and “pimp”
(3) “My baby’s daddy (or mama)” or “I take care of all my kids, I buy them what they need”
(4) “It’s because of racism”
(5) “I’m gonna have a baby even though I’m not married”
(6) “School is whack”
(7) “I didn’t get in because I’m black”
(8) “It’s white people’s fault”
(9) “Who cares if I graduate from high school?”
(10) “The government will save us”
(11) “All blacks must think like white, liberal elitist democrats”
(12) “Mysogynistic hip hop is art”
(13) “I don’t need a man, I can take care of myself”
(14) “Sports (and Entertainment) is my only way out”
(15) “It’s because of slavery”
(16) “Church? That’s for my grandma”
(17) “My car needs rims now”
(18) “What’s a savings account?”
(19) “Do yo’ chain hang low”
(20) “Open up ya mouth, ya grill gleamin”
(21) “What’s wrong with strippin’?”
(22) “Blacks can’t achieve without government forced affirmative action”
(23) “He ain’t real he’s just ‘acting white'”
(24) “Only focus on developing black females”
(25) “I got arrested because of the racist criminal justice system”

  • jim

    I wish you could get those points across. Maybe you could reform welfare on all levels since my experience has been that the majority abuses it, and has this mentality “everybody owes me something” and that goes for every race. It seems that people forget that welfare is to help you get out of the situation you are in; not stay in it! The sad thing is, this country and the world has taken nature out of the equation, before only the strong survived and now we protect the weak which will be the destruction of our society!

  • Anthony, had a great conversation regarding this topic last week.

    What about “Akxs”? You know, let me akxs you something”
    “I’m gonna start my own label”
    “Gotta make that money”
    just not using proper phrase evasions. I agree, the n-word funeral was great in thought.
    “Black, vote democrat”

    Why does society support the push to a new level of ignorance? Thirty, forty year old men with numerous kids and gold chains who still sag their pants.

  • I would hope you are not serious. Censorship of any kind is a dangerous game. No words ever need to be buried, just teach people the power of language, that is more important