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Global Warming Consensus Alert

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Today brings disturbing news of new consensus that seems to be developing:

Modern women want men who are keen on recycling rather than good at making wisecracks, a survey said.

The poll for men’s magazine Nuts said going green is now the main way to a woman’s heart, with a “good sense of humour” coming in second.

Oh great – a clean, tidy, and humorless future. Thanks, ladies. Thanks a lot.

Marc Vander Maas


3 thoughts on “Global Warming Consensus Alert

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  2. That claim is demonstrably false! I’ve been *recycling* jokes for years, YEARS! And it never got me in with the ladies.

  3. He’s not kidding, folks. This is the man who once set about trying to compile a canonical list of Laffy Taffy wrapper jokes, in the hopes of it being sent around the internet as one of those dreadfully annoying forward e-mails. He actually has no conscience when it comes to bad humor.

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