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Dr. Jay Richards made an appearance on the Steve Deace show yesterday on central Iowa’s 50,000 watt blowtorch of a radio station, WHO in Des Moines. The topic of conversation was climate change, and you can listen to the interview by clicking right here (3.2 mb mp3 file).

More: Jay also put in an appearance on Knucklehead Radio today on the same topic. You can listen to that one right here (2.5 mb mp3 file).

Marc Vander Maas


  • sandy

    The conversation with Jay Richard’s and the host of this radio show, Greg Allen, was bright and easy to take. Nice mix…

  • I like it, good conversation.

  • Elizabeth Tracey

    I heard you on The Right Balance (I’m an avid listener) and decided to check out the Web site as I’m winding down the week in the office. I enjoyed your interview with Greg Allen. Keep up the good work.