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Last week several colleagues and I had the opportunity to attend Partners Worldwide conference: Marketplace Revolution: Fighting Global Poverty through Business. Acton was delighted to be one of the sponsors of the event

The conference had 400 people from all over the world and promoted enterprise solutions to poverty. Speakers included Africa Unchained author George Ayittey, Neal Johnson, author of Business as a Mission, among others.

See the list of the speakers here.

We had a chance to talk to many of the participants and hear their stories. The conference made it clear that the answer to poverty in Africa, Latin America, and Asia is not transfers of wealth from one country to another, but creating the conditions that help unleash the entrepreneurial spirit.

For more about what Partners Worldwide go here.

Michael Matheson Miller


  • Sam Hall

    Very noble effort.

    But what an uphill one.

    You’re trying to tab intrinsic human urges that are often trumped with decades, if not centuries, of cultural and economic servitude.

  • Tom Grey

    What poor people, more than aid or education, and often even more than better water, are jobs.
    Peaceful, private jobs, that are based on making something of value that can be sold peacefully, honestly, and sustainably — meaning at a profit.

  • Tom Grey

    Oops, What poor people need…