Blog author: jballor
Monday, June 6, 2005

Edward Southerland wonders, “Does the job description for school administrators require that you leave your common sense at home when you go to work?”

One of the reasons he asks the question:

In Tennessee, the student giving the valedictory speech started with a joke. “You have given us the minimum required attention span to master any station at any McDonald’s anywhere.” The next line was “Of course, I’m only kidding. Eagleville is a fine institution of higher learning with a superb facility and staff.” Nobody heard the next line. Before the speaker got to it, the principal had cut off the microphone and booted him off the stage. Now they won’t give him his diploma.

In the meantime the student has been given his diploma, but this is just one of the many curious tales contained in Southerland’s column.

  • Travis

    Great article, Jordan. And people wonder why the education system and the product of our public school system lags so far behind other developed countries….