Blog author: jballor
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In an edition of the Philosophy Bites podcast last month, “Nicholas Phillipson, his acclaimed biographer, discusses Adam Smith’s view of human beings.” Phillipson argues of Smith that “even his economic thinking is perhaps best understood as part of a broader philosophical project of a science of human beings.”

For more on Smith’s “broader philosophical project,” including the relationship between his famous Wealth of Nations and rather less well-known Theory of Moral Sentiments, see the following from the archives of the Journal of Markets & Morality:

  • Roger McKinney

    I have argued for many years that free marketeers continually lose the battle for the public’s mind because we don’t understand that the battle is one of competing ideas about human nature. Smith still had the traditional Christian idea that human nature is flawed and can’t be fixed by humans. We can only limit the damage that evil people would do. Socialists have always insisted that there is nothing wrong with human nature; the problem is with property: get rid of property and human nature will become pure and innocent again.