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Another Attack on Egypt’s Coptic Christians

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We have tried to raise awareness of the persecution and violence Coptic Christians face in Egypt and around the world at the Acton Institute and in the pages of Religion & Liberty. On New Year’s Day, a suicide-bomber killed 21 Coptic Christians as they left al-Qiddisin Church in the port city of Alexandria, Egypt. On the heels of the attack, news reports have surfaced that al-Qaeda lists Coptic Churches in the Netherlands as targets for their terror. CNN also reports that Coptic Churches across Europe are on alert because of the attack in Alexandria. The same Islamist website that called for the attack on the church in Alexandria also list Coptic Churches in England, France, and Germany as targets to blow up during the Christmas celebration. Copts celebrate Christmas on January 7.

In last year’s Winter issue of Religion & Liberty, we interviewed Nina Shea who spoke at length on the perilous situation of Egypt’s Coptic Christians as well as persecution of Christians around the globe. She also provided additional statements on violence against Copts previously on the PowerBlog. Just yesterday, Shea weighed in on the recent attack in Alexandria at The Corner over at National Review.

In my own commentary I asked “Will America Help the Persecuted Copts of Egypt?” Certainly, we need more action from our own State Department in the United States and our ambassador to Egypt. I also added a post on the Coptic issue highlighting some of my own experiences with Coptic Christians when I lived in Egypt.

The Egyptian government has been entirely absent in responding to human rights for Copts. It has also been well chronicled that the government in Egypt is often complicit in the persecution. It is time for that practice to end and hopefully our own government will champion the human rights cause of Coptic Christians and help to alleviate their suffering.

Ray Nothstine is opinion editor of the the North State Journal in Raleigh, North Carolina. Previously, he was managing editor of Acton Institute's Religion & Liberty quarterly. In 2005 Ray graduated with a Master of Divinity (M.Div) degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky. He also holds a B.A. in Political Science from The University of Mississippi in Oxford.


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  • James

    Thank you so much, Ray, for this loving concern for our suffering brothers and sisters. They are TRULY bearing the cross. And it is by such love for one another that he world will know we serve the true Lord (John 17:23), and will come to light and life through beholding our love we show for one another.

    I also have been in Egypt, even having preached one Sunday to the persecuted Christians there concerning divine existential sustenance during my time as a hostage in Burma.

    And so I recognized the devious bull***t spewed by a Muslim liar even right in the very heart of Asbury Theological Seminary. This propagandist stated forcefully that there is no persecution at all against the Coptic Christians in Egypt. A fool hosted the event and allowed such lies to go completely unanswered. Many future Church leaders are corrupted by such lies, a part of well-established Islamic practice of the “Holy Lie,” “Taqqiya,” “Kitman,” “Da’wa” and other terms for intentional deception of infidels.

  • Roger McKinney

    The US continues to give Egypt almost $2 billion annually to play nice with Israel. The first thing we should do is cut off any aid. I have tried to persuade my Congressmen of this, but they have drunk the State Dept’s KoolAid that Egypt is our friend.

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