Patriarch Kirill gives an emphatic “no” in a TV interview. He points to the catastrophe of the Bolshevik Revolution and what followed. Here’s a snip from Interfax:

“And then everything was broken. Eventually with great efforts, including terror, high economic indicators were reached,” the Patriarch said explaining further collapse of the USSR with the fact that the “backbone of national life was destroyed” in years of revolution.

“Today our life is worse not because we are Orthodox, but because we ruined our country and spiritual foundation of our life two times during one century. Protestant countries live better not because they are Protestant, but because these countries have not been at war, they developed their economy staying in rather favorable conditions,” the Patriarch summed up and wished so that God “gives us reason to save our political, social stability and develop ourselves both spiritually and economically.”

More at “Patriarch Kirill disapproves of those who say Orthodoxy is a reason of Russia’s economic lag.”

  • Nixon is Lord

    2/3rds of Germany is Protestant; 95% of Norway and Denmark, about 60% of the Netherlands is Protestant. All of these countries experienced World War 2. The US had the civil war at a time when it was at least 85% Protestant.
    What does he mean “Protestant countries have not been at war”?

  • sdf

    He’s being nice. Protestant countries just found a way to ignore the teachings of our Faith and proceeded to ransack the world with a clear, if utterly deluded, conscience.