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The Culture’s Animating Values

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A Dove Foundation report released this week shows a link between family-friendly movies and profitability. “One comes away from the Dove report with a sense that the movie industry is beginning to recognize a profit opportunity in producing more morally robust movies,” writes Rev. Robert A. Sirico.

Read the full text here.

The Dove Foundation report is available here (PDF).

Jonathan Spalink


  • Steve

    First time on your blog. I am a liberal wanting to see what conservatives have to say. I like this statement, "This drive is neither moral or immoral"
    It is about making what people want to see. Unfortunately people like to watch garbage. I think they like to watch garbage because they have been brainwashed.
    There are so many movies that could be so much better if the laid off the violance. That would take more creativity though.
    You do have to be very careful with films and shows that appear to be sending a good message and not filled with foul language etc. Sometimes the suttle movies and shows are more dangerous because it is not obvious that it is crap.
    This type of message can be really dangerous because people beleive they are supposed to act a certain way to fit in etc.

    Good article


  • Unfortunately, the Dove Foundation are also notorious telemarkeers.

    Their incessant calls to interrupt our family dinners are surely as wretched as anything coming out of Hollywood.


  • Ann Wrinkle

    See Hollywood can make family fare…unfortunately, Los Angeles is the PORN capitol too. No wonder our younger generation is calloused and without tenderness. We reap what Hollywood sows.

  • stacy

    As a parent and teacher of cource I am concerned about violence (esp. the previlance of tourture and seemingly acceptable and ever increasing violence against women). However, I am concerned when the term "family values" comes up, as it did in an early morning call from Dove this morning. This phrase is sometimes used to camoflage a Us but surely not Them hate driven mentality. Does "family values" mean Single parent families? Gay and Lesbian families? Multi racial families? Families of other religions?

    I am suggesting that people look carefully, as groups are often less than upfront about what the real agenda is.

  • sudeep,india

    narnia is excellent