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Anthony Bradley on Headline News

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Acton Research Fellow Anthony Bradley was featured on The Glenn Beck Program on Headline News Network to discuss black liberation theology with host Glenn Beck on Wednesday night. If you didn’t catch his appearance, you can watch it right here on the PowerBlog. And for more on the topic with Anthony Bradley and Rev. Robert A. Sirico, check out the most recent edition of Radio Free Acton – Obama and Religion, Part I.

Marc Vander Maas


  • Dale O’Leary

    With all the talk about Pastor Wright and his shocking comments, there is virtually no discussion about the roots of the Black Liberation Theology he espouses. All the pundits appear to be afraid to use the ‘M” word – Marxist. Their fear is understandable, the minute a person mentions ideological adherence to the belief first put forward by Marx that all history is the history of class struggle, their opponents scream “McCarthy.”
    It has been suggested that one can substitute the phrase the “dialect of oppression” for “M” word.
    What is the dialect of oppression? It is the belief that all history is the history of conflict between the oppressed and their oppressors. The dialect of oppression doesn’t stop by just pointing out injustice – we would all agree that over the ages there have been all kinds of injustice. Believers in the dialect of oppression are not liberals who hope to eliminate injustice and inequality by establishing equal rights for all. To believe in the dialect of oppression is to believe that the only answer is a revolution that overthrows the oppressors and establishes rule by the oppressed. According to the dialect of oppression, liberal reforms and progress only delay the revolution.

  • Clare Krishan

    Anthony (and Acton) are chasing the wrong horse in this race…

    The root of the Reverend’s erroneous soteriology isn’t race, its the divinization of labor averred of Calvinist prosperity-gospel evangelists up and down the nation, most particularly in the State corridors of power (the fiat currency powers of the US Treasury and the Fed banking cartel are the most dangerous “government-forced wealth redistribution at the hands of people who didn’t earn the wealth” unleashed on the world since Marxism’s empty promises lost their lustre in the light of Truth)

    Back in 1957 (before liberation theologists were out of diapers) Murray Rothbard had this to say:
    “(*Smith*) really set back economic
    thought by injecting the purely British doctrine of the labor theory of value, thus throwing economics off the sound track for a hundred years. Here I might add that the labor theory of value has had many bad consequences. It, of course, paved the way, quite logically, for (*Marx*). Secondly, its emphasis on “costs determining prices” has encouraged the view that businessmen push up prices or that unions push up prices, rather than (*governmental inflation of the money supply*).”

    from “Memorandum on Catholicism,
    Protestantism, and Capitalism”, 1957

    The real political culprits are (*criminally*) culpable whereas the Rev. Wright can, at most, be considered rude, nothing he advocates even rises to the level of a misdemeanor offense.

    When the chips come down, don’t be surprised when disadvantaged youth ignore what passes for Christian commentary in our political salons up and down the nation and embrace the anti-usury security of Islamic praxeology and all it entails …

    P.S. A shame the cable TV execs can’t afford spell checkers: “Liberaton” has a missing “i”

  • Clare Krishan

    Rather than wasting Mr Bradley’s talents on this facile analysis (and writing essays for blustery ignorant journalists’ free newsletters), I would prefer to see Acton assigning him to analyse the Treasury’s policy proposals for restoring trust to our fiduciary institutions using Kauder’s “Smith as prequel to Marx” theology of labor and its implications to global free markets in light of public adulation for “Wealth of Nations”…

    in light of (*de Soto’s*) analysis of the banking sector’s complicity in our economy’s propensity for crisis here:

    “Money, Bank Credit, and Economic Cycles”

    More of our citizens would benefit from his lucid take on the theology of human capital (Rothbard Ethics of Liberty) than abusing the poor man’s racial identity to win cheap political points with the competing party.
    God Bless

  • Dale O’Leary

    The New Marxists — Radical Feminist Marxists, Gay Liberation, Post Modernist Marxists, and Black Liberation theologians, are not so much about old economic theories as the ideology of victimization. Under their theory oppressed have rights, oppressors have no rights. They are not liberals, they are the totalitarian left which has more in common with the Fascists than with liberals, for example anti-Semitism

  • Cliff Washington

    One thing I know for sure, Professor Bradley has heard this very same style of preaching growing up in Philly and Atlanta in MANY of the churches he has attended. What black man in America over 25 yrs old have NOT heard such? Attach us all to a polygraph machine and ask that question…YOU be the judge as to how fair & balanced that polygragh needle would go up or go down!

  • Cliff,

    Prof. Bradley says as much [url=]in the podcast here[/url], at about 4:45 mark.