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Rev. Robert A. Sirico at the University Club of Chicago

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Rev. Robert A. Sirico in Chicago

This afternoon, Acton President Rev. Robert A. Sirico took his most recent address from the 2008 Acton Lecture Series on the road to Chicago, Illinois.

Sirico addressed an audience at the University Club of Chicago on The Rise and Eventual Downfall of the New Religious Left. If you were in attendance and would like to listen again, or weren’t able to attend today either today or at last month’s ALS event, you can listen to today’s audio by clicking here (17.8 mb mp3 file).

If you’d like to attend Acton’s Detroit luncheon at the Detroit Athletic Club on April 29, you can register by clicking here. And don’t forget to register for our next Acton Lecture Series event as well, which is coming up quick! Next Thursday – April 10 – Grace Marie Turner will be delivering a lecture entitled “Can We Repair What’s Wrong with our Health Care System through Christian Principles?”

Marc Vander Maas


  • Clare Krishan

    “The American Dream is imperiled” isn’t a mantra of the religious left, but of Peter G. Peterson (Nixon’s secretary of Commerce and former chair of the NY Fed) last night on Charlie Rose:

    Is this not a case of shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted?

    The Fed’s nine decades of policies have fed the appetite for credit that enriched a certain asset class of wealth while depleting the savings of American families. If Fr. Sirico could please consider extending his sabbatical 7 to a beatitudinous 8 by characterizing the religuous left’s understanding of what money is?

    Many householders today understand “Money as Debt” ( and wealth as something the market supplies as “liquidity.” Heck it seems major Wall Street firms it the same way, until they can’t find enought folks saving anything at interest rates set by the government trending down to 1% or less…

    Many householders who exhaust their savings and earnings potential then turn to the social welfare net, the “entitlements” problem. And surprise surprise, when major Wall Street firms face the same fate they do the same thing – and the Government is an equal opportunity lender of last resort, so they extend the “entitlement” trust fund to the corporatist “personhood” that legal entitiy that was designed to limit liability so that the economy would not suffer. This looks to me like promiscuous conduct encouraged by a contraceptive mentality (using a the prophylactic of hedge funds to evoid risks in their economic intercourse that got stretched a little thin and burst) that wants to abort the unplanned pregnancy… and the pro-money (but not pro-life) administration says:

    Whoah – abortion is evil! Government will enable your infantilization by taking the burden off your hands:

    Tony Campolo warned us in that we were on the wrong track before the last millenium drew to a close… and Father Sirico wants to damn him for it?

    When the religious right squares with the Church’s consistent ethic of life perhaps the political masses may start paying attention, saving babies, and incidentally saving their greenbacks too…

    We’re in an “iatrogenic” crisis (as PGP defines that term) that would be healed with a little application of the Hypocratic oath “first do no harm”…