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Methodist Liberals Attack Hospitality of Renewal Groups

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United Methodist renewal groups are under attack by liberal denominational leaders at General Conference for providing the gift of free cell phones for some international delegates who made the trip to Forth Worth, Texas.

Opponents of the the evangelical renewal groups are afraid that the phones will be utilized to tell certain international delegates how to vote. A letter from the renewal groups supposedly included with the gift invited them to a breakfast, provided other General Conference news, and a list of candidates they should consider for UM Judicial Council positions, which is the highest court in the denomination.

General Conference is the top policy-making body of the United Methodist Church. The conference is now currently taking place in Fort Worth. Delegates from all over the country and the world attend General Conference, which is composed of clergy and laity.

The Confessing Movement
, UM Action (IRD), Good News, and Transforming Congregations provided the phones for delegates. The phones were intended to give international delegates, many of whom are from Africa, the same access to communication as other delegates have at the conference. Church liberals however do not see it that way and are oddly accusing renewal groups of bribery and racism, even though international delegates greatly appreciated the act of hospitality. Erin Hawkins who is the top executive of the church’s commission on Religion and Race was quoted in a United Methodist News Service article on the controversy saying:

My hope is that the white leadership of the church would be mindful of the actions in light of the history of exploitation of people of color in this church. I hope they would not willingly engage in any sort of behavior that would undermine the humanity of people of color whether they are in the United States or other countries. This action of giving cell phones to buy or manipulate people can be interpreted as a return to that sort of racist behavior.

I personally know many of the individuals who make up the Methodist renewal groups and their integrity and commitment to a fair and democratic process is an automatic for me simply based on their character. Years ago I imagine this would have not even been a story, but here’s the rub. Decades and decades of entrenched liberal power, where some church leaders have used the United Methodist Church for their own left wing theological and political activism, is now finding their unchecked power threatened and they are lashing out as a result.

In contrast, African delegates are firmly committed to Biblical and theological integrity, and their delegate numbers are rising, just as the number of United Methodists in this country are shrinking, largely because of the denomination’s unfaithfulness to clear Christian teaching. UM Action has a good story on this issue titled, “African Declaration Released at UM Renewal and Reform Conference.”

Mark Tooley is the Director of UM Action and he offered me this frank assessment of the cell phone controversy today:

The liberal controlled agencies of the church have long deluged international delegates with gifts and favors over the years in a vain attempt to gain their support for a liberal agenda. But the international delegates have not been seduced by the misbegotten riches of the church bureaucracy. Their faith remains strong. Naturally, the church left responded with rage to the distribution of cell phones by evangelicals, who have no need whatsoever to manipulate or even persuade the overseas delegates, whose solidly biblical views are already akin to our own.

Of course, the whole notion that international or African delegates can be bribed or controlled with a hospitable gift that allows them equal access to technology is entirely demeaning in so many ways.

Elizabeth Turner, who is an editorial assistant at Good News told me yesterday:

The problem is that despite the emphasis on “holy conferencing”, there are those who are quick to attribute the worst motives rather than engage in fair inquiry. It’s disappointing, but the people most harmed in all of this isn’t the Coalition [Renewal Groups] – it’s the delegates who are outraged that some people would think they would be naive, or accept some kind of bribe.

If you are so inclined to examine a host of issues at General Conference you can visit IRD’s live blog. IRD also released a press statement concerning the charge of manipulation.

Tooley has described the renewal process as a long and arduous task, and United Methodism as being better equipped for reform over other mainline protestant denominations because of the growing influence of its more evangelical international connection. Unsurprisingly, United Methodist Church liberals do not seem willing to relinquish any power or yield to reforms before exhausting all means and tactics, no matter how bizarre they may be.

Ray Nothstine is opinion editor of the the North State Journal in Raleigh, North Carolina. Previously, he was managing editor of Acton Institute's Religion & Liberty quarterly. In 2005 Ray graduated with a Master of Divinity (M.Div) degree from Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Ky. He also holds a B.A. in Political Science from The University of Mississippi in Oxford.


  • Rev Dan

    These folks who provided the phones are not beyond manipulation. Just last summer I sent them information on a story that they had gotten completely wrong (they stated a piece of legislation had passed whend in fact it hadn’t). They refused to make a correction saying, our source said. . . They aren’t interested in the truth at all and often participate in “false witness.”

  • Jana Martin

    I am a lifelong United Methodist. I think what calls into question the “hospitality” of this gift was the list of judicial council nominees included in the accompanying letter. If the letter had stopped at inviting the delegates to meals, etc., there would have been less room for question. That’s how integrity works. Agenda has to sometimes be put aside for hospitality. These groups were not willing to make that stretch. That is unfortunate, indeed. The “gift” has forever been marked. So, if the motivation was honestly to assist these “like-minded friends,” that has now been overshadowed because AGENDA transcended Christian friendship. I belive liberal and conservative alike can agree: That’s a shame.

  • Thad


    Thanks for informing us of this tragedy. And yes, I do mean “tragedy.” The tragedy of this event is that the liberal wing of the UMC is attacking a gift given to those from other countries. The renewal groups are welcoming our brothers and sisters in Christ with a gift, and now they are catching flack for it. I think that the real problem is that the liberals did not think of this first. I would personally like to think Mark Tooley and all others involved in reaching out to those who now have a much needed resource.

  • Ray Nothstine


    If you are a long time United Methodist then you of all people must know of the deep need for reform and renewal. Even if you legitimately have a problem with the gift of the renewal groups I hope you will work for Spirit-filled reform within our denomination.

    I still have a problem with the attitude that all information needs to be filtered or monopolized by “official” methodist leaders. And then on top of that renewal groups are singled out for discrimination. Unfortunately, I have seen it over and over again.

  • Jana Martin


    As a lifelong United Methodist, I love the United Methodist Church in spite of itself. I think anyone wanting to genuinely and earnestly seek God, not settling for easy answers, but seeking God though honestly struggling with differing points of view will find a welcoming home here. I do not believe that any voices in our church deserve to be silenced. I’m afraid we are often not good witnesses for the Kingdom when one kind of thought demands infallibility. But, you didn’t ask for an essay on my theological conviction, did you?

    I’m sorry, but whoever decided to list the Judicial Council nominees on a “welcome letter” just messed up! And, again, I will say that is a shame. Our culture is so behind most of the rest of the world in understanding hospitality. I’m embarassed at this placement of agenda over Christian friendship within our church. That is not what we, as United Methodists, are about.

    You asked that I work for “Spirit filled reform.” Each year, our congregation speaks John Wesley’s Covenant Prayer. If I may be so bold as to include the link:

    That is what I work for. I pray all United Methodists will do the same.

  • Bill Cowan

    The so-called “leaders” of our denomination continue to show their TRUE, “PINKO” selves and I know that I’m not the only “MEMBER” (all my LIFE! 65 YEARS!) that is so FED UP with these COMMUNISTS INSPIRED “know nothings”. I’m a Viet Nam vet, IF IT MATTERS, and would gladly debate ANY issue with ANY of our “educated” PIMPS in “leadership” positions. Want ot “GROW” our membership ??? Dump these DUMMIES now in control !
    Bill Cowan
    “BEAUTIFUL” Sherman, TEXAS

  • Mikey

    Bull Hockey!!! Cell phones as undue influence. Since when does a cell change the minds of conservative Africans who have already decided on their votes.

    What is clear is that Mr. Odour from the New England Conference had his own agenda – just like the New England Conference. Check the petitions and you will see what I mean. Mr. Odour has an agenda.

    I demand equal representation on the floor of this one-sided holy conferencing. Who decided to let the GLBT folks in to call the Church a liar and sinful. Get rid of them I say, get rid of them. Was this the work of the Council of Bishops – to slap the faces and to throw insults of the vote to retain the language? What is broken? Could it be the Council of Bishops and the GLBT? If any reconciliation needs to take place, it should be the GLBT.

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