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Did Maxine Waters Just Suggest That She Might Try To Nationalize The US Oil Industry?


  • Ray


    I like how the Fox reporter was like, “The word Maxine Waters was looking for was of course…”

    Waters has said so much crazy stuff, it’s quite a long list.

  • andi gee

    Wow, now if we can just get obama in position as president, we can emulate Venezuela, North Korea, and Cuba!! Free gas for everyone—except Republicans!! Yea!!!!

  • The Future is a Co-op

    Yes she did and she’s right. Of course the U.S. oil industry should be nationalized and operated as a non-profit public service like many electric companies are. Think about it for a moment. Every American that buys gas from a gas station is directly affected by the price of gas. And oil affects every other industry in this country from trucking to retail to wholesale to the airlines to restaurants etc. All of it. Is the U.S. supposed to allow one single industry to literally hold every gas-buying American and every single other industry in the country hostage? Because that is precisely what is happening. Do you like paying $4/gallon for gas? Will you like paying $5 or $6/gal. or whatever it will be next year for gas?

    If you ask the average American if they want A.) to keep things the way they are and end up paying $4 or $5 or $6 or more per gallon indefinitely and getting ripped off by privately-owned capitalist oil companies; or B.) if they want to nationalize the oil companies for the good of the average American and pay $2.50/gal. or whatever they can bring the price down to when the profit margin is taken out of the picture, I would bet my life on the fact that about 98% of them would say “I don’t care if you call it the Leon Trotsky Red Proletariat Socialist Oil Company, just give me gas that I can afford to fill up my tank with without having to take out a second mortgage on my home.”

    Nationalize the oil companies NOW.