Blog author: jballor
Friday, July 15, 2011

Grand Rapids has been the focus of national attention over the last week or so, most recently for the services surrounding the passing of former First Lady Betty Ford. In the midst of loss and mourning, there’s some cause for levity. See, for instance, this local news story that is getting some coverage around the country, “Angry bird attacks during Ford services.”

I myself have been a victim of this red-winged menace! Some of you may have heard that one of the reasons that Acton University (our premier week-long program held in Grand Rapids) changed venues this year was to accommodate an increase in participants. But now the real reason can be made public: we had to change venues to avoid these angry birds!

Angry Bird!
Well, maybe not. But I still think this red-winged menace must be eliminated! It is a matter of public safety: “The Red-Winged Blackbird can be very aggressive while defending its territory from other animals and birds.” That’s an understatement!

Red Menace

  • Terry Ingalsbe

    I love those birds.  Seeing them in Grand Rapids (Acton U.) brought back so many memories of living in upstate NY.  Where I live you only see them for a day or two in Spring when they fly through town (if youre lucky.)  Be careful for what you wish for….wishing them away today….you may be sorry tomorrow.  (Maybe you need a ‘bird attack” sign like they have with ‘moose crossing’ signs in Maine and “deer crossing” signs around here.  (LOL).