Blog author: jballor
Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Trooth in education iz teh key 2 LOLearning.

According to Spiked (HT):

Ken Smith, a criminologist at Bucks New University, England, argues that we should chill out and accept the most common spelling mistakes as ‘variant spellings’.

‘University teachers should simply accept as variant spelling those words our students most commonly misspell’, he argued recently in the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Here’s the original piece, “Just spell it like it is.”

My peeves include “loose” instead of “lose.” How wrong.

  • Jared

    You might find Chesterton’s comments on a push for phonetic spelling of interest:

  • Dan VB

    Sounds terrific. Maybe we can extend the same courtesy to math students who make common mistakes? 0/0 = 1 is no longer “wrong”; it’s just a “variant calculation”.

    Is it me, or are students no longer expected to *learn* at school?

  • Joelle

    Here are 2 of my peeves:
    1. “Lay” and “lie”
    2. “It’s” used as a possessive and “its” as a contraction of “it is”.
    Maybe kids need to spend more time reading and writing and less time texting their friends?