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Acton Commentary: Choosing a Prosperous Future

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“Focusing on education is not a distraction from the pressing business of economic recovery,” Kevin Schmiesing writes. “It is vital to ensuring it.” This focus should advance school choice and a reduction of administrative red tape.

Read Kevin’s commentary at the Acton website, and share your comments below.

Brittany Hunter


  • charleydan

    “This focus should advance school choice and a reduction of administrative red tape.” end of quote.

    The problem with this, is the assumption that the Federal Government should be making the choices. Allowing Federal Government to collect taxation on behalf of this cause. Moving the decisions away from individuals to the cookie cutter approach from Congress.

    How about more freedom, like the Federal government has no say in local school authority.

    Many states are in the process of passing state legislation to claim their state sovereignty as granted in the constitution. Really just serving notice to the Federal Government and Judicial that the Constitution is still relevant and the state is going to use it.

    This will bring choice back to the county where one has to answer to his neighbor on his decision reflecting his moral character to accountability.

    I still see a fight amongst the atheists and religion over what should be taught. Then maybe the only answer is to pull all government funding from schools and let individuals and private groups pave their own way.

    So one can go to school where a group has formed a school and accept the beliefs they teach or teach your own beliefs in home school and pay the burden yourself.

  • Kevin is right that education is central to recovery and that this ibest accomplished through school choice. Please join us at