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VIDEO: Margaret Thatcher Honored at Annual Dinner

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Now up for your viewing pleasure, John O’Sullivan’s acceptance of our Faith & Freedom Award on behalf of Margaret Thatcher, and Rev. Robert Sirico’s remarks at the dinner. Mr. O’Sullivan, Lady Thatcher’s speechwriter and advisor, painted a warm, personal portrait of his former boss — at times he had us in stitches, and when he finished, we were all inspired. The dinner was given at the JW Marriott Hotel in Grand Rapids on October 20; if you couldn’t make it, enjoy the videos!

Kenneth Spence


  • Anonymous

    Lady Thatcher was rabidly pro-abortion and I can find no evidence she changed.  If Acton wishes to become like Notre Dame in inviting such – liberty before life – you have that right, but Fr Sirico ought to know better and shame on him for being willing to give his endorsement.

    Or have the “non-negotiables” suddenly disappeared?

    Being good on economic policies ought to pale in comparison to voting often to support the Abortion holocaust.