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How the Free Market Protects the Underprivileged

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The Regnery Publishing news release for Rev. Robert Sirico’s new book, Defending the Free Market:  The Moral Case for a Free Economy is online. The book’s publication date is set at May 22nd and is available to order at Amazon.

Andrew Knot


  • Julius Stahl

    Looking forward to the book. USCCB bishops need to be challenged hard on the naive assumption that the only thing that matters about budgets in regards to the poor is that they be large and ever increasing. 

    They seem to be bereft of even the most basic understanding of economics and have no understanding, for example, that raising CAFE standards will place buying a car beyond seven million poor people. 

    It apparently makes absolutely no difference in their thinking about the poor that inflation and the catastrophic $16trillion debt have nothing to do with the poor as long as the government is increasingly lavishing money on social welfare programs. 

    It is a collective episcopal abdication of responsibility to the poor.