Blog author: jballor
Thursday, April 7, 2005

Think governmental corruption is only a problem in the developing world? Think again. The American media are beginning to cover a burgeoning scandal in Canada. The Canadian media, meanwhile, have been stifled by an order from a Canadian judge limiting the dissemination of information, so as to not prejudice potential jurors. Check out the latest developments over at Captain’s Quarters.

As Osvaldo Schenone and Samuel Gregg write in A Theory of Corruption, “We must recognize that all societies, no matter how sound their moral and institutional cultures, are in some way marked by corrupt activities.” It’s only too true.

HT: hubs and spokes

  • Most democracy is also corrupt — in that voters want to use the power of gov’t for their own personal benefit. Each gov’t program they support for themselves, which uses Other People’s Money, is essentially corruption.