Blog author: jcarter
Thursday, August 9, 2012

Libby A. Nelson at Inside Higher Education reports on the latest trend in clergy training:

Dual degrees for seminary students aren’t entirely new. For decades, some seminaries and their nearby or affiliated colleges have graduated students with masters’ degrees in both divinity and social work. The combination of a master’s degree in divinity with a master’s in business administration is newer, but growing, says Dan Aleshire, executive director of the Association of Theological Schools, an accrediting body.

In the past five years, programs that combine master’s degrees in divinity with business credentials have sprung up, Aleshire says. He sees two reasons: leadership studies have become more common as an academic field, and Christian ministry has expanded beyond the church into nonprofit organizations and social entrepreneurship — start-up businesses that try to serve a larger good.

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  • LukenPride

    Yeah, I find that while I’m not running a business, I am running an organization. Vision, budgeting, managing, all of these things are skills that, while not exactly the same, are very simaliar. We have to manage workers (or volutneers), set goals, think strategically and run the good ol’ meeting as much as any company.