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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sad Secular Monks
Leah Libresco, First Things

Most careers aren’t vocations, so we need space outside them to grow and love.

Study: Less religious states give less to charity
Associated Press

A new study on the generosity of Americans suggests that states with the least religious residents are also the stingiest about giving money to charity.

Does Belief Belong In the Marketplace?
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

The arguments made by the Justice Department in Newland v. Sebelius may infer that religious belief can be left at the doorsteps of both the marketplace and the public square. But they cannot.

Wheaton College lawsuit dismissed
Manya A. Brachear, Chicago Tribune

A federal judge has dismissed Wheaton College’s lawsuit against the Obama administration for requiring the evangelical Christian college to offer health insurance that covers the cost of contraception, including the morning-after pill, for employees.