Check out this video, which is interesting on a number of levels (HT: James R. Otteson):

Hazony points to some really important ideas in this short video. In many ways the culture war, so to speak, really comes down to a clash of worldviews about what work is and ought to be. For a narrative that sets the problem up the same way, but favors the “Leavers” over the “Takers,” see the work of Daniel Quinn, particularly his novel Ishmael.

I’m looking forward to checking out Hazony’s book, The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture.

  • Miesesmyhero

    Some interesting points. Good beginning of what I hope can be a deeper reflection. Right up until the moment you posted the faces of what I can only assume are historical figures you consider in some way good !!! John Calvin !!!??? Queen Elizabeth the first !!!???, Karl MARX ?!!! Steve JOBS ?!!! Very very disturbing choices if your choice of persons was not a lapsus of superficiality but a faithful reflection of what you value in leaders. Are these people really you’re leader Heroes??? The only one you are missing here are Henry the VIII, V. Lenin, Napoleon Bonaparte and Che Guevarra. Sociopaths every one.

  • Milan

    Call to work was not cursing laid upon mankind after first sin. It was there before sin.

  • Marcus Goodyear

    Interesting video. Thanks for the heads up about this.

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  • LukenPride

    er, I think this video is way off. I mean, saying that God isn’t interested in obedience, and that Cain was pious? and his interpreation of why Abel’s offering was accepted? Abel brought his best, Cain didn’t. There’s not one word or hint of condemnation for people who work the soil, or anything that would imply that Abel somehow disobeyed by being a shepherd. Very much makign scripture say thigns that just aren’t there at all.

  • Joseph K. McCall

    This is odd- totally misses the connection to how animal sacrifice was expected through ALL of the Old Testament, and how Jesus was called the Lamb of God.

    This is just cherry picking to make scripture say what one wants it to say…