Blog author: jcarter
Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Gold Standard Goes Mainstream
Seth Lipsky, Wall Street Journal

In the ferment within today’s Republican Party, there’s a growing realization that America’s system of fiat money is part of the economic problem.

Reviving the Value of Work
Derrick Morgan, National Review Online

Americans who have a job this Labor Day are right to be thankful for it. And all of us ought to be grateful for the culture of work that made America prosperous.

Inflation and Debt
John H. Cochrane, National Affairs

Regulatory and legal roadblocks can be even more damaging to growth than high tax rates, tax expenditures, and spending.

When Capitalists Cared
Hedrick Smith, Washington Post

The chief executives of the long postwar boom believed that business success and workers’ well-being ran in tandem.