Blog author: jcarter
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Do We Give Laws Too Much Credit?
Isaac Morehouse, Values & Capitalism

It is true that fires have declined over the last 35 years (at least), but is it true that government fire codes are the reason?

Towards A Moral Amorality?
Kyle Ferguson, Hang Together

Consider that both major Presidential candidates have attacked the other’s view of economics using the word “immoral,” which is ironic considering the morality of manipulating the truth is not addressed. Yet these various economic positions have little to do with the realm of morality.

The Constitutionalism of The Federalist Papers
W.B. Allen, The Imaginative Conservative

The constitutionalism of The Federalist Papers directs our attention away from its scientific and historical roots and toward its particular ambitions.

How to Get a Do-It-Yourself MA in Political Philosophy
Greg Forster, Between Two Worlds

I am grateful for his extensive recommended reading list below, which also functions as a nice overview of the big brush strokes of political philosophy.