Blog author: jcarter
Monday, September 17, 2012

10 Steps to Save the Constitution
Julia Shaw, The Foundry

Much like the document itself, Constitution Day doesn’t get the fanfare it deserves. But let’s not allow the day to go unobserved this year.

Clinton Declares Religious Freedom a National Interest
Eric Patterson, First Things

What identifiable actions, in addition to speeches and reports, can be undertaken? The State Department should begin by supporting three initiatives.

Anti-Capitalism Drives Chicago Teacher Strike
Joy Pullman, Values & Capitalism

Who Killed the Liberal Arts?
Joseph Epstein, The Imaginative Conservative

The loss of prestige of the liberal arts is part of the general crisis of higher education in the United States. The crisis begins in economics.

Jubilee Myth #5: Does Jubilee Apply to All People?
Art Lindsley, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Myth #5: Jubilee is a universally applicable principle – that is, it applies to all people. Actually, Jubilee applied only to Israelites and not to aliens and sojourners (non-Israelites).