Blog author: jcarter
Wednesday, September 26, 2012

China needs to free the Bible market
Jillian Kay Melchior, AFF Doublethink Online

By creating a free market for Bibles, China could promote educated and peaceful Christianity. That, in turn, would contribute to harmonious Chinese society.

Symposium highlights challenges to international religious freedom
Jerry Filteau, National Catholic Reporter

While concern over religious freedom is a hot topic of political debate in the United States, the issue internationally is a far more immediate matter of life and death, of national security, and of special concern to women, who are most often the victims of religious intolerance.

Individualism, Community, and Moral Obligation in the Hebrew Bible
Ilan Wurman, Public Discourse

The Hebrew Scriptures, read as a work of political theory, offer egalitarian, communitarian, and individualistic themes; two recent books incompletely capture the presence of all three.

Who Was the Most Religious President of All Time?
Forrest Wickman, Slate

If elected, Mitt Romney “would arguably be the most actively religious President in American history,” according to a profile in the latest New Yorker. Who’s been our most religious president?