Blog author: jcarter
Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What’s a Christian Response to Poverty?
Thomas Purifoy, Economics for Everybody

We are in an odd spot when it comes to views on poverty. Today, many people blame poverty on the free market and personal liberty. But that’s like blaming malaria on modern medicine and environmental engineering.

Most of the Work of Ministry Is Done by Christians Who Work Secular Jobs
Jon Bloom, Desiring God

Most Christians struggle at some point with the sense that ministry jobs are just more sacred than other jobs. You can see this reflected in our terminology: we tend to call non-ministry jobs “secular jobs.” It can be hard not to see them as “unspiritual” or “less spiritual” jobs.

Quality of Life in an Economic Downturn
RJ Moeller, Values & Capitalism

I am not entirely sure why, but we never seem to want to talk about the positive moral, emotional and even psychological impact that a dynamic, prosperous and growing economy can have on a citizenry.

Millennials and the Biblical Doctrine of Work
Greg Ayers, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

This hunger for work that makes an impact offers an opportunity for Christians to share a biblical perspective on work. The question is how to best share this message of hope.