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PowerLinks – 10.04.12

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Hollywood, Jesus and the Monks of Mount Athos: A Conversation with Actor Jonathan Jackson
Tony Rossi, Christopher Closeup

It’s not that unusual for an actor to thank God when winning an award. It was a first, however, when Jonathan Jackson thanked “the monks of Mount Athos for ceaselessly praying for the life of the world” while accepting his fifth Daytime Emmy for his role as Lucky Spencer on “General Hospital.”

First, Do No Harm
Isaac Morehouse, Values & Capitalism

Over the summer I had a trip to the emergency room that highlighted one of the perversities of the medical industry in the United States: Health practitioners are prevented from helping patients because of regulatory hurdles erected by the state at the behest of vested interests.

The Protestant Work Ethic: Alive & Well…In China
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

Harvard historian Niall Ferguson suggests in his recent book, Civilization: The West and the Rest, that the rise of Western dominance over the past five centuries is a product of six “killer applications” that “the Rest” lacked. These are the six applications I outlined in a recent blog post about Christianity and western civilization.

The Community Curator: How ArtPrize Is Changing Grand Rapids
Allison R. Graff, Christianity Today

The annual competition founded by Rick DeVos transforms the city’s core—and how residents are engaging the visual arts.

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