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Monday, October 8, 2012

How Do We Recover the Moral Foundations of Economics?
E. Calvin Beisner, Economics for Everybody

In Christian ethics, two virtues stand supreme: justice (or righteousness) and love (or grace). The moral economy will take both of these into account. It will not reward injustice or hate, but will reward justice and love.

Four Questions About Faith & Work
Hugh Whelchel, Institute for Faith, Work & Economics

No church-related work or mission is more spiritual than any other profession such as law, business, education, journalism, politics, plumbing, or being a janitor.

Governing the Medical Profession: Obamacare and New Governance
Michael Fragoso, Public Discourse

Obamacare purports to improve medical quality through dynamic processes that involve government-supported private actors, quality benchmarks, and participation by practitioners and patients.

Religious Liberty of Illinois Pharmacists Vindicated
Dominique Ludvigson, The Foundry

Illinois bureaucrats’ senseless, now seven-year-long crusade to crush the faith-based conscience rights of two pharmacists hit another snag recently when a state appellate court ruled that they could not be forced to stock and dispense abortion-inducing drugs in violation of their religious beliefs.