The Fund for American Studies has produced a superb It’s a Wonderful Life-style video about life without capitalism. The video not only shows what life would be like if we banned free enterprise (i.e., a lot like Soviet Russia) but also makes the point that when you lose economic freedom you lose other freedoms too. As the angel says, “When you take away the carrot, all you’re left with is the stick.

My favorite part of the video:

Anti-capitalist activist: “I just wanted to get rid of the greed. I didn’t want to get rid of my microwave, my air-conditioner. . . ”

Angel: “Your Xbox.”

Activist: “My Xbox is gone?”

Angel: “Yeah, well, in this world that greedy Bill Gates work in a bowling ball factory in Akron. Lose-win, right?”

(Via: Cafe Hayek)

  • SuchindranathAiyer

    As the Indian example shows, there are more ways to lose economic freedom than one. Crony Capitalism, “lawful” rigging, and corruption are some.

  • Elk

    Let’s just get this straight now, microwaves, air-conditioning units, x-boxes are commodities produced by “workers” – not capitalist, whose only role in is the hoarding of commodities produced under exploitation and sold only to those who are in turn sufficiently exploitation. It is monopolization and privatization of scientific advances which would be of benefit the conditions of all humanity.

  • CornĂ© de Vries

    between now and 5 years… capitalism is gone…