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“They Picked on the Wrong Armenian!” Part II

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In a recent post, Jordan Ballor highlighted the efforts of Mr. Armen Yousoufian, who has been seeking public disclosure of records relating to the financing of the new stadium built recently for the Seattle Seahawks largely at taxpayer expense. Mr. Yousoufian has responded to Ballor’s post with the following comment:

In reply to: “They picked on the Wrong Armenian”, which is about my successful and landmark Public Disclosure Act violation lawsuit here in Washington state, thank you for the coverage. The case goes to court again on August 19 for determination of penalties and the amount of legal fees I am to be awarded for my two successful appeals of the original verdict (that will be the 4th round in over 8 years, after I won every step of the way and all the way to the state Supreme Court). If you or your readers would like more information, please visit my website: or my blog: Lots of material, including trial briefs at all four stages of the litigation. Or email me at with something in the subect line referring to this comment left at this site.

Armen Yousoufian
Vashon Island, Washington

Those are some websites that are probably worth keeping an eye on.

Marc Vander Maas


  • Marc,

    Y’all have a great and useful site – which I only just discovered as a result of one of my occasional searches on “Armen Yousoufian” to see what is showing up out there on the internet about my long running Public Disclosure Act lawsuit against our local county executive for documents related to our local sports stadiums – and the now demolished Kingdome.

    Thank you for publishing my recent comment in response to “They Picked on the Wrong Armenian”!

    Thank you also for your post re: the KELO decision. I am very involved here in property rights issues, up to and including that I am the President of the Legal Fund of CAPR – Citizens Alliance for Property Rights ( We are involved in litigation against a recent local county land use ordinance known as the “CAO” – Critical Areas Ordinance – which is now in the hands of the Washington State Supreme Court (same court I recently won my PDA case in). This CAO appears to be the most restrictive set of land use regulations in the U.S. and has made national news shows, Rush Limbaugh, FOX NEWS, etc. For the unfortunate owner of a 100%, not yet developed, wooded rural land parcel of 7.5 acres or more, it mandates 65% be left untouched (between 5 and 7.5 acres, there’s a sliding scale 50% to 65% set-aside). There are lots of sad stories of people who bought such parcels years ago, planning to build a retirement home in the countryside to have a few horses on and a second home to have their children and grandchilren reside in or stay in when visiting, and now have imposed on them that they can only use 35% of their land – with no compensation. It is based on bogus (non-reproducible, subjective, etc.) “science” that this is needed for the public good. It’s as rigged as the stadium studies my PDA litigation uncovered.

    Anyway, I’ve posted two entries with some comments about your site, links to it, and noted the existence of the two posts about my case, all at my blog: . The direct links to the entries are: #1: ; and #2: