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Benedict and World Youth Day: Becoming Adults in Christ

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Pope Benedict’s highly publicized trip to Germany for this week’s World Youth Day stands as an opportunity for the event to, in the words of Kishore Jayabalan, engage “serious theological and intellectual work.” The pope’s homecoming means, “If there is a place to show how the Christian faith shaped Europe and formed heroic persons even in its darkest hours, this is it.”

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Jonathan Spalink


  • Pierre-Antoine Cantenot

    Thank you, Kishore, for this awakening analyse.
    We live very special days with this World Youth day, the first of Benedict XVI, and we can rejoyce about what we are seeing, crowds of young people gathering around the good sheperd and a real witness of God.
    Let’s go deeper and listen to him carefully.

  • Fr. David H. Verhalen, csc

    I am doing a video script for Holy Cross Family Ministries on World Youth Day, Cologne, 2005. I found your Article: "Benedict and World Youth Day: Becoming Adults in Christ". (Aug. 17, ’06) I would like to use two or three paragraphs of your script as a little introduction to the video.
    Is it necessary to get permission (Copyright) from you to use quotes from your article in our production?
    I would appreciate your response to this request, and thank you for your kindness.

    Fr. David H. Verhalen, csc
    Holy Cross Media Ministry
    P.O. Box 398
    Notre Dame, IN. 46556 — USA